Oils For Rosacea

Have you ever noticed what happened to Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, W.C. Fields? They were suffering a medical problem on the skin which appeared redness around their face. That’s an inflammatory of skin health which redness is on nose, cheeks, and forehead happens for long –term.

If you are having these signs above, you must see the dermatologist know where you are, which subtype you are at. And we firmly advise you that if you want to get rid of that skin situation, you should do it right now, which means you have to pay more attention to the signs from the beginning. We know it essential; then we are providing you some essential oils which are familiar with you, these can treat somehow with rosacea.

What is rosacea?

There is a statistic, and it said 1 to 10% population are affected by this phenomenon, during the age of 30 to 50. Female is the sex that suffers more than a male with more severe pathological change. The standard results in this symptom would be redness, pimple and blood vessels will change to small and dilated form. This phrase can cause swelling period which is intensely painful and the skin there will be much more sensitive. The more dangerous situation would begin when patient’s nose is getting more red color and the swelling period could be more terrible. This case would move to another pathological change called rhinophyma.

Types of Rosacea 

While you have rosacea, there is no diagnostic test. The dermatologist must use the symptoms and check the skin condition for the final result that you are positive or negative with this problem. There are so many signs, and they divided them into four subtypes of rosacea.

Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea: in this subtype, you will suffer redness then flushing, and you can see the blood vessels among those affected skin. The second type will be papulopustular rosacea which appears redness besides swelling and the breakouts like you are having a group of acnes. The other kind of this phenomenon would be phytates rosacea with the situation when your skin is getting thicker, and it exists texture in bumpy form. The last included rosacea you must know is ocular rosacea; this guy is extremely making you look like a sty when your eyes and eyelids are red, swelling, sometimes it may cause breakouts with leaving scars afterward.

You must concern about the essential oils in this occasion. Those oils are provided below would help you with curing the annoying skin condition.


Antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal are properties can contribute to preventing the blemished skin less alleviated. Time flies, the pain will be lengthened if you are not careful with those factors. You must use oregano and its essential oil to fight against those environmental factors. Inside oregano, it has the anti-properties has the ability to ravage those microbes.

And your skin must buy a new shield for protection, and then oregano can do that for you. It can be used as a purifying and disinfecting treatment for this particular phenomenon. Oregano essential oil should be utilized directly in the areas of influence, which is about 1, two drops. If oregano is used more than two drops, you might burn yourself because it is potent. On the other hand, before applying, you should dilute it with a carrier oil or base cream to make sure it does not hurt you.


During the time suffered from rosacea, it is very hard for you to accept those scars and rough skin right on your face. And you cannot be confident as before. Well, chamomile is the herb that can kill two birds with one stone. It means not only healing the pain, but it also eases the scars by soothing the skin.

Chamomile includes anti-inflammatory elements which are essential in this condition. As its name, it helps to reduce the percentage of getting inflammation. Bacteria cannot do anything when you are implementing them with chamomile. They no longer can get into the affected pores and make a home there.

You can use chamomile tea bags with toners to heal the problems. This mixture should be applied directly in areas with a small amount, which is enough for that areas. While using, you should massage softly for the nutrients can leak excessively deep into the pore.


Geranium is helping you with redness reduction. In this case, it is vital for consuming this function. Redness is deeply unpleasant, and it is a root for the afterward bad result of not being cared. You have to work with geranium essential oil smoothly because of its beneficial anti-properties.

You can apply it directly on the areas which are influenced by rosacea. But before locating, you should dilute it with natural and healthy substance for skin such as other carrier oil. Combining these two together can get away partly the rosacea and protect other places of skin from consequence.

4Tea tree

Alleviating rosacea need more and more microbes and bacteria, but it has met is the opponent when you apply tea tree essential oil on it. Due to the benefits tea tree can bring about, its essential oil also reduces the infection, as well as make the skin cleaner to get rid of mites. As the other essential oils, you should mix it with other carrier oils like coconut or olive oil to have the most significant mixture.


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oil because of its friendly and gently function. It can ease the painful feeling and red areas with its antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial elements. This guy is so friendly and easy to use that you can apply it directly on the areas without combination with others oils.

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