iPhone vs Android

Hey everyone today we are going to talk about the most debatable topic that is Android vs iPhone. As all of us heard from iPhone users that iPhone is more secure than Android. Yes, this statement is true at some point. However, it is nothing like that Android is not secure. As all of us knows that Android and iPhone both have their different market for downloading the apps i.e. Google Play Store and iStore respectively. The both Android and iPhone come with their advantage and disadvantage. So,

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of iPhone and Android.


  • As Android has more application than iPhone this is because the entry barrier for the Android developer is very low as compared to iPhone in android you can be the developer just paying $25. After paying that amount you can launch your application in the play store.
  • In case of iPhone, the entry barriers are more than Android because of its Single Phone i.e. Apple. They have the test each and every application several time before launching it and it is very difficult to be the developer of the ios apps.


  • Because of the increase in the number of application the possibility for malware, spyware, trojan, norms etc. are continuously increasing
  • Due to small in the number the ios has personally check all the application.

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3 Customization

  • At the point of customizing the android is more customizable than iPhone. In Android, you can customize your phone as you want. You can change your user interface as per your likings.
  • In case if iPhone you can’t customize much at all because of its default system UI and Lack of availability of apps.


  • The update for the android will come to the regular intervals. But there is one problem with the regular update sometimes it will slow your device. I think that when the company launches the new phone in the market with the same range they want that customer buy their phone. So they launch the slow update for their existing users so they shift to their new phone.
  • However, in case of iPhone, the Update come for all the variants of the model. It doesn’t matter which version of iPhone you are using it will come.


  • The support for the Apple product is unmatchable with android because if you have any problem with the iPhone they guarantee you that they will fix it.
  • In case of Android this won’t happen you have to go 10 times service center to fix your damaged phone and after that, they will charge you the huge amount of money.

6Battery Life

  • In battery life, the android wins because of its larger mAh batteries.
  • Whereas the iPhone has more focused on the optimization because of this the battery performance will slightly decrease.

So these are some pros and cons of the iPhone and Android. The conclusion is if you have the low budget and want a good decent phone the go for the Android or if you don’t have any problem with second-hand products then buy second-hand iPhone. Also, If you want to customize your experience and don’t have too much security problem then you should definitely go for the android rather than iPhone. But if you think security is everything for you then go for the iPhone.

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